Training as an AtlasOptimal® therapist

To date there are very few experts who have specialised in atlas correction. That is why I want to pass on my knowledge and practical experience, gained from many years of working in the field of atlas correction, and offer training to become an AtlasOptimal® therapist.

AtlasOptimal® treatment is based on Swiss-born René-Claudius Schümperli’s atlas correction method. He concluded that in many people the atlas vertebra is not in an optimal, stable position. That is why he developed a standardised health massage to relax the short muscles of the neck. On the basis of years of experience in performing physical examinations on patients, I have further refined the Schümperli method to develop AtlasOptimal® treatment.

The content of the training

My training courses are directed at doctors and alternative practitioners. The training consists of equal proportions of theory and practice. The practical experience can be learnt through the examination and treatment of subjects at my practice.

As part of the training you will learn how to elicit precise palpatory findings based in the anatomy of the upper and lower head joints, as well as the treatment according to the AtlasOptimal® procedure.

The training consists of individual tuition as well as learning in small groups. The duration of your training will depend on your previous knowledge.

The final examination

The training finishes with a theoretical and practical examination. After successfully completing the examination you will receive a certificate from the AtlasOptimal® Academy Frankfurt.

Are you interested in training as an AtlasOptimal® therapist? I would be happy to provide you with more extensive information about the training and examination during a personal discussion. You are welcome to arrange a discussion with me – you can find my contact details here.

Starting up as an AtlasOptimal® therapist: I will continue to support you

When you begin your occupation as an AtlasOptimal® therapist, I would like to support you in ensuring the quality of your work. That is why I provide further quality assurance after six months and again at twelve months. This takes the form of a practical examination, which consists of a physical examination of the patient, eliciting palpatory findings and therapeutic treatment according to the AtlasOptimal® procedure. Once you have successfully passed the examinations, you will receive a certificate. Subsequent to this, further annual quality assurance is carried out with a similar examination and certification.

This quality assurance is obligatory for all AtlasOptimal® therapists.