Welcome to the Atlas Correction Practice

Alternative Practitioner Heike Göring

The correct alignment of the atlas, the top vertebra of the cervical spine, plays a special role in our health, strength and quality of life.
In order to ensure that I can treat you or your child individually, I allow ample time for your initial consultation.

The treatment

Atlas correction involves a massage of the short muscles of your neck, which is attuned to your personal palpatory findings. This individualised treatment enables the optimal alignment of your atlas vertebra.

Atlas correction in children

The safe and gentle AtlasOptimal® procedure is suitable even for the youngest children: the massage is individually adapted to the more delicate neck structure of babies and toddlers. The accurate and sensitive palpatory findings are the basis for the safe and targeted treatment of your child.

The atlas vertebra

The optimal position of the atlas ensures the natural symmetry of the spine and enables us to turn our head freely to the left and right. An abnormal rotation of the vertebra can therefore lead to diverse symptoms – for example, dizziness, neck pain and back pain.

The importance of the atlas for our health

Do you suffer from headaches, neck pain or back pain, or do you have limited head rotation? These and other symptoms may develop if the head, atlas vertebra and spine are not symmetrically aligned with one another. The correct alignment of the atlas, the top vertebra of the cervical spine, plays an important role in the symmetry of the spine. A misalignment of the atlas can therefore literally throw you off-balance and affect your health. AtlasOptimal® is a safe and gentle procedure, which allows the atlas to position itself in the correct alignment under the skull.

According to the ancient Greek doctor Hippocrates, health is a balanced whole, a harmonic equilibrium of all the body’s powers and functions.